September 11, 2010

A Photograph by Nathaniel Wallace

have made a series of posts discussing my new work for the exhibition, “Locations/Dislocations: Abandoned Houses and Unsheltered Souls.” But my new work is only half of this exhibition. The other half belongs to my photographer husband, Nathaniel Wallace. He took the photograph above at our friend’s house, Jeri Burdick. Like most of the exhibited photographs, it is a digitized print from a medium format negative. The colors in this work are particularly strong and while hanging our show, it took some time for me to come up with paintings that would hold up next to it. I settled on my painting of a violet shed in field of yellow grass that I posted earlier. My favorite part of this photograph is the bar of coral color at the bottom.

For painting number twelve in my Puma series, I have chosen one with strident colors to answer the coral in the photograph. It has something of irreverence about it but that would come as no surprise to most people who know me. I will be posting more of my husband’s photographs shortly although I am not yet sure which cat-of-the-day they will appear with.

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