September 8, 2010

Countdown to an Art Exhibition Painting Nine

On a stretch of highway 301 going from Orangeburg. SC heading towards Bamberg there was an old farmstead. The main building was a creamy white with hand carved shutters painted green. A faded pink barn rested behind and slightly to the right of the long white house. I had painted the white building some time ago shortly before it was bulldozed down. The pink barn I painted last week for our two-person exhibition which opens tomorrow at the Orangeburg County Fine Arts Center.

The outbuilding, seen through the edge of a woods, looked distant and beckoning. The trees were being cleared and a slightly elliptically shaped log had rolled onto the ground like a giant eye upon the border of wild trees and plowed field. The sun hit the golden flesh of its pulp wood in a beautiful glowing way. I painted the scene on an eighteen inch square canvas - small by most painter’s standards - but dwarfing all the miniatures in the exhibition.

The day before the opening of an exhibition entails a lot of cooking, cleaning and preparations. Hence the shortness of this blog entry - and tomorrow’s as well no doubt.

The small painting at left is “Eye of the Big Cat,” ninth in the series “Thirty-three days of the Puma.”

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