September 7, 2010

Countdown to an Exhibition: Painting Number Eight

My preparations for the “Locations/Dislocations: Abandoned Houses and Unsheltered Souls” over these past two weeks has consisted of creating new works while painting revised versions of older works that are no longer available for display. Among the latter are the paintings I did over again that were featured on the postcards and the note cards. One such painting, the abandoned house with the red tin roof featured above, was originally a small oil on wood. The oil on wood was purchased by a client in Beaufort so I made a similar painting four times larger on canvas. I like the larger size better because it fills an expansive gallery wall to much greater effect. The larger format also enabled me to use larger brushwork for mor textural detail. Like most of the other recent paintings, this one was painted with my Venice turpentine medium, which adds a high sheen and shortens the drying time. This enabled me to paint the greater portion of this exhibition on very short notice.

Painting number eight in the countdown to an exhibition is accompanied by the Red Puma, painting number eight as well in the countdown from the day drilling started in Chile to rescue workers trapped in a copper mine. It started out as a coincidence that the two countdowns started at the same time, but I have been making these little paintings of big cats with some intent, and I will continue the series until the end of the year.

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