September 9, 2010

Opening Night of an Exhibition Painting Number Ten

There was a house in Orangeburg County with a facade put together entirely of boards of various shapes and sizes, neatly fit together like a commesso mosaic. The boards were painted creamy white, the spaces between them a walnut brown. The house had weathered so that spider fine lines permeated the whole face like wrinkles on an old sage.

The painting above that I made of this house never made it into our exhibition The walls of the art center were filled up with enough photographs and paintings to create a nicely balanced show. There was a reasonable sized crowd and I think that they enjoyed the art. Over all the opening was a success as far as being a crowd pleaser. And the small items that I sold at least defrayed opening costs - always a relief.

Tonight we presented the performing debut of the Orangeburg Chapter of the South Carolina Writers Workshop. I had always wanted to perform my poetry from memory so I decided to finally have a try with that. I flubbed one word and forgot my last line so the penultimate line had to serve as the final one - which may have worked out for the best anyway.
Now I want to do more of this! It is not that I’m particularly good at it. It is just that with a memorized piece a performer can really own the spoken words. The real star performers tonight were Miles McCorison, Jennifer Harley and Barbara Paul for the readings of their poetry related to the exhibition.

This was a day that rushed by but it was a happy one for it was the beginning of a new year and the culmination of a long summer of work.
The painting at right is the tenth in the series Thirty-three Days of the Puma.

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