September 5, 2010

Day Six in the Count Down of Houses and Pumas

There is a long house in Bamberg South Carolina that is painted a robin’s egg blue and has a copper roof. I see it every time I go to Bamberg to visit an artist friend in order to have company and better studio conditions while I paint. The house is like a beacon, it is so bright. It is a welcome harbinger of hot tea, good snacks, great films and all the other things that one shares with friends. Because of this, I made a small painting of it in order to have it in the upcoming exhibition “Locations/Dislocations: Abandoned Homes and Unsheltered Souls.” It is a house near the house where some of the other houses were painted.

This is the sixth in my series of count down paintings to the opening of our show at the Orangeburg County Fine Arts Center this Thursday. The painting of the purple puma at left is number six in my series “33 days of the Puma.” As I progress in this series I am noticing that the pumas are starting to look less like big cats and more like domestic ones.

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