September 12, 2010

Days of Cats and Days of Bats

The painting above is number thirteen in my series, “Thirty-three Days of the Puma.” While painting this series to enumerate the days from the start of the drilling towards the trapped miners in Chile, it occurred to me to also work backwards and count their actual days of confinement. This meant doing twenty-six more paintings in addition to the painting a day count. I decided to use the bat as the symbol of this time period, because when the bat hibernates it eats very little in order to conserve energy. Unfortunately, most people do not share my fondness for bats and the bats that are native to South America (should I wish to remain genuine) are not of the pretty variety that Asian fruit bats are. Nevertheless, from time to time I will post a miniature painting from the new series “Twenty-six days of the Bat.” I have completed ten so far - sixteen more to go in order to catch up. This project is now becoming a small book, for which I am still soliciting poets to help me fill it with verse. I may have recruited one so far and will showcase this artist in the future.

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