September 6, 2010

Countdown to an Exhibition Painting Seven

The painting above is of another abandoned home in Orangeburg County. Although it was popular to paint an entire house a bright blue to scare off demons, in many cases, such as this one, jsut the window trim and the posts were painted that way. For the poetry reading this Thursday evening, I’ve written a very short verse to accompany the painting, “House with Blue Trim.”

When my husband Nat and I explored this site, we found several views that were captivating enough to sketch and photograph. On the porch of the house was a large cushion chair with the upholstery still intact. Nat’s photograph of this chair, “Chair within a chair” will also be in the exhibition. The photograph was so named because the upholstery had a pattern on it that included a picture of a chair in a livingroom setting.

The painting to the left, “Big Cat with Blue Markings” is the sixth in my “Thirty Three Days of the Puma” series. When I posted the second one in this series, I found by accident it had a pictorial relationship with the architectural detail in the accompanying painting. I am now painting the big cats with that in mind.

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