September 2, 2010

Locations/Dislocations Painting Number Three

Count Down to an Exhibition
Painting number three

September 2 in Orangeburg was a labeling and adjustment event. Most of the hard core delivery, set up, and arrangement of paintings and photographs was completed yesterday. But today replacements needed to be made, labels printed out, and everything adjusted for height and distances apart. It took up the greater part of this day.

Thankfully, an article about the exhibition which came out in the local paper today. A section in the middle of this article looked very familiar. It was classic Kozachek writing, with words like “elegiac” and “juxtaposition” and more than one idea in a sentence separated by the ubiquitous hyphens. My first thought was should these words not be embraced by quotation marks? I then recalled that I had attached chunks of a previously written essay onto a press release which was forwarded to one center then forwarded to a newspaper and in my haste to get the work done forgot to take ownership of anything that I penned thus making it a parcel of thought folded into the corporate ownership of ideas. Also in my haste I hadn’t really been very diligent about revisions. So it might actually be for the best if my meandering thoughts should be attributed to the great cultural unconscious of Orangeburg. No matter. It is good to get the word out and I appreciate the effort made on our behalf.

My painting featured above is called “Grey Shed in a Field of Yellow Grass.” It is another oil on panel that dried just days ago. The scene is from the rural area around Blackville, South Carolina. I recall that the area was moist from its proximity to a pond which probably also the reason for the yellow grasses. Fields of grass in the autumn in South Carolina are as spectacular for their colors as autumn leaves in the northeast. They are made even more splendid by these little gems of architectural remains.

The third painting in my ongoing series of daily art for the miners in Chile is a white ghostly puma moving through golden grass. Every day I do a painting for myself and one for the miners. Hopefully I can keep it up until Christmas.

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