May 14, 2014

Upside Down You Turn Me Black Butterfly

I have been writing about a series of mock-up paintings I made of wrens and flowers for the four sides of a client’s box. My revisions on these are finally complete and I have set them all into collage backgrounds. The very last two panels were different from the others as they did not feature birds. When I made the box I decided to have at least one panel different from the others - featuring just the flora and perhaps a small butterfly. These served as “rest notes” in the orchestration of this visual composition. The final version of the butterfly side featured a butterfly in flight - again to add a contrapuntal note to the stationary birds. The painting above shows the original design with the closed winged resting butterfly.

There is a curious error in this collage. I set the seal prints in ancient Chinese upside-down. I had done that in a previous collage. Although no one would really notice that save me and a Chinese archaeologist or linguist I decided I couldn’t live with the error and carefully pulled up the upside down prints and glued them down again right side up. On this butterfly collage, however, the prints were not as freshly glued and were sealed on rather tightly. So I will learn to live with the four upside down turned over prints. The white print in the painting is at least right side up - I think.

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