May 31, 2014

The New Mommy Cat

The slow process of revising the illustrations for my Book of Marvelous Cats continues. My latest revision was the drawing for “Mommy Cat.” This one was rather easy to revise. I was happy with the original drawing although it was, like all of the first batch, too small. So I basically enlarged the cat and kittens, sharpened her image, and added extra window dressing. I took out the picnic basket and blanket. Not sure why a cat would have those.

In the original drawing my inspiration came from either Persian or Indian miniatures. So I consulted some textbooks on Indian miniatures for the details to enhance the revised drawing. The running hare and the trees came from the miniatures. Last but not least, remembering one commentator’s suggestion that I should include whiskers on my cats, I added those as a finishing touch. Above is the finished revision. At left the original.

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