May 22, 2014

Solar Cats

My collage work finished, I turned once again to my work on my Book of Marvelous Cats. The one pictured above is entitled “Solar Cats.” For this illustration I had to make an architectural drawing. This is something that I was never adept at, having failed mechanical drawing in high school. But I came up with something in between free hand drawing and classic ariel two point perspective. I had to try it because I needed to make a group of cats posing on solar panels on the roof of a house in order to properly illustrate the poem. The illustration seems to hold together, suspect perspective angles sometimes disguised by a judiciously place bush or two.

I tried something new in this illustration. In the background I included a minute illustration taken from an earlier poem, Garden Cultivator Cat. I may try that again in my revisions.

The poem for this illustration is as follows:

Solar Cats

Solar Cats lie in the bright sunlight

on top of the roof in rows neat and tight

They come into the house when the sun goes down

Providing much needed warmth all year round

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