May 8, 2014

Embellished Carolina Wren

As I continue to revise the acrylic painting sketches I made for a previous commission, I’m finding that I have to pad out the compositions somewhat by painting more textured paper pieces to add to the sides. These additions help stretch the painting out to better suit an eight by ten inch format. Generally, I have been cutting the painting up into small parts, which I then reassemble mosaic style onto another piece of sized paper. The spaces between the "tesserae" of paper fragments also help stretch the design out to fit the large composition. For the painting above, however, I glued the entire painting down whole, then added painted additions on to the sides and top. This left a wider boarder on the right and left than on top and bottom so I decided to make a more detailed design to the left and right. The lower right corner has a stamp affixed to it with the sign of "faith."

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