May 26, 2014

Grandmother, mother, child with stripes

A welcome commission came my way recently. The commission was for a drawing of a mother and child. For this drawing I used various degrees of pencil leads for a range of tonality. I also used my penchant for pattern throughout. Many years earlier, I had made a painting of the grandmother, Lee Malerich, sporting striped tights and a black leotard. At that time her own daughter was a small child. How amazingly fast time flies by! The daughter now has a son of her own.

We decided that it would be poignant to repeat the theme of striped leggings on the grandson to harken back to that earlier art work. This theme was repeated throughout the background decoration in the drawing - stripes and circles. I also picked up the little monkey faced design of the baby’s shoes to repeat in the corner ovals.

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