November 3, 2013

Old Works New Venue: The Homecoming Two Exhibition at the I.P. Stanback Museum

Quite recently I wrote about the bugbear that artists face in the two-year rule for competitive exhibitions and how it sometimes rules out suitable work that was done before the “cut off” date. Fortunately exhibitions in specialized museums are one exception to this rule. I will now have an opportunity to share some older art work with the public that was completed two to six years ago that never really did get much exposure - two mosaics and a painting series. The I.P. Stanback Museum here in Orangeburg will be holding its second annual Homecoming celebration with an exhibition of art on the theme of civil rights by Southern artists. The three pieces of mine that the curator selected are all on the theme of women; “Foolish Women,” “Woman in an Oven Fixture,” and “Dreaming of Better Outfits.” There is a lot of text to “Foolish Women,” and a lot of thought to “Dreaming of Better Outfits.” Hopefully this will generate some good conversations. A lot of nudity in the “Foolish Women” series, which is political as well as gender satire, made for a bold selection on the part of the curator. Orangeburg swings a bit with this one. I was told that there was such a large quantity of fine and diverse work for this exhibition that there will be a catalogue of the exhibition. How nice! One more thing for my scrap book. The exhibition will open 6 pm Thursday Evening on November 7. Details are on my Upcoming Exhibitions tab.

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