November 13, 2013

More Better Whiskers on Pirate Cat

I had set a goal to finish the illustrations for my cat poetry book by the end of November. With my slow pace of drawing along with other projects to finish I may have to revise this deadline to the end of the year. No matter. There is no publisher chomping on the bit to have it at the ready - only a sentimental desire to make some prints available for Christmas presents.

With the completion of this latest illustration, there are four more to go to make the cat book ready, maybe five if I do one over. The above illustration is for the poem, Pirate Cat. In keeping with the theme of the last drawing, this cat also has very prominent whiskers. I adapted this cat from an old photograph of the beautiful cat we shared our home with for fourteen years. The background was inspired by my husband’s photograph of a wharf in Charleston. The poem for Pirate Cat:

Pirate Cat wears a patch on his eye

He swills down beer and eats fish fry

He hoists up the jibboom and fixes the rig

Then leans over to starboard and dances a jig

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