November 18, 2013

Getting a Wee Bit Too Hasty?

Sometimes the end result of an art work doesn’t quite come up to the level of the vision. I imagined a cat in a cart for the poem "Cargo Cat" from the now nearing completion "Small Book of Marvelous Cats." I perused the internet for images of carts and images of seated cats that I could combine and alter. I settled on a large eared Bengal Cat for his wiry, animated and eager look. Definitely fodder for a restless road loving cat. The combination worked well, as did the cobblestone garden path. But the bamboo grove and birch trees looked a little hasty. The exotic flora of my imagination were replaced by mundane garden cabbages. Have I become too eager to finish this project? Or had I peaked out with the exotic image of Shaman Cat with all subsequent illustrations now paling in comparison? I’ve decided to correct my hastiness by including an exotic carpet design for the next illustration.

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