October 12, 2013

Magic Cat

I finally finished editing and revising the poems for my illustrated book of cats and have proceeded to slowly make the illustrations for the second generation of imagined felines. The new illustrations are about four times the size of the former ones. This helps with detail and composition. Now this feels like “serious” illustrating. I didn’t want to face it at first but I am now coming to the conclusion that my earlier illustrations should be enlarged and done over as well. I’ll see how I feel after finished eight more new ones. The new illustration is for the poem

“Magic Cat.” As with all of the previous poems, it is an Ogden Nash like whimsical piece of fluff - not nearly as hard to write as it was to illustrate. The illustration, pictured above, I think captures the spirit of the verse:

Magic Cat does many tricks

Sometimes for money

or just for kicks

Should his conjuring cause us fear

Then Magic Cat will disappear

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