October 23, 2013

Culinary Cat is Added to the Small Book of Marvelous Cats

“Can’t at least one of the cats be a Siamese?” pleaded my Siamese owning friend and avid collector of cat books. I had to do a bit of looking at images of Siamese cats to come up with one for the poem “Culinary Cat” to add to my ever growing “Small Book of Marvelous Cats.” This one is in the new larger format which allows for greater details and for more elaborate compositions. There are now only four more illustrations to complete. That is, unless you count the two more cat poems I just wrote while vacationing in the hills of North Carolina. Will it ever end?

As always, the illustration above requires some close scrutiny to see some of the pertinent details, like the dead bird, paw prints and decorative mouse heads on the cake. Paw prints are also on the rolls and the hanging cutting board in the background. To add to the Siamese theme, I blackened the edges of the drawers to imitate the markings of the cat. The rest of the embellishments were also kept plain and sleek.

My tawdry little poem for Culinary Cat goes like this:

Culinary Cat makes tuna fondue

With lizard and mouse puffs for a party of two

He never cooks anything straight from a can

Not even for his delectable Mew Goo Guy Pan

-Janet Kozachek, in a very silly mood

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