October 4, 2013

Intact, Browned and Beautified by a Pit Fire

Finally I have a lidded vessel that I didn’t chip or poke a hole into. Although it was an interesting challenge to come up with ingenious ways of disguising or revising these things it was a pleasure not to have to save a piece from my clumsiness for a change. This pit fired lidded vessel has all the characteristics that I sought - a surface that looks drawn upon in inks and charcoal. Mission accomplished here, I’ll return to drawing and painting for a while. The next pit firing will probably be in December or January - when dry leaves have all fallen and been raked up.

Yesterday was the closing celebration of my exhibition “A Gaze Upon Woman.” It was a pleasure to see old friends again. The show was expertly hung by the curator, Michael Wessel. Doing all those drawings to distract myself from symptoms, I had no idea that they would one day be put to use. It was nice to share them.

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