October 14, 2013

Autumnal Cicadas

Autumn marks the end of those chirping, buzzing cicadas. But for people like myself, intrigued more by the sight than the sound of them, you can always keep a desiccated sample of one around for a while well after the cicada season is over. I had a dried specimen of a cicada that I kept for its golden ochre markings and its flash of iridescent green on its wings. In order to study it better I placed it on my computer scanner to scan and enlarge it.

When painting from my cicada scans I used many variations of greens, golds and violet hues. To make the creature a little more “lively” I also remembered to alter the legs as I painted - pulling them outwards and away from the folded corpse pose. These images I combined with a small wildflower that I had photographed earlier. The painting may become part of my small works exhibition in February if I don’t use it before then for a local wildlife exhibition. Or perhaps it will do double duty and be in both.

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