August 28, 2013

The Gift of Poetry

This is the second small mosaic I made recently featuring miniature clay tiles with imprints of Chinese zhuan character seals. The center tile reads “The gift.” The small tile on top of that reads “Poetry.” Hence - the gift of poetry. The large center tile was originally intended as a focal pendant but I stole it back from my tray of jewelry baubles to make a different statement. The carved hole at the top that would have been used to wrap wire or thread a cord through is now filled with cement and small seed pearls. The background of this piece is formed from several pieces of grey flint. This is the reverse side of the milky white and caramel color flint that I used previously on the zen tile mosaic. Because the flint is uneven, a piece like this is best left ungrouted

Most of these miniature mosaics fit some five by seven inch frames that I had on hand. But this one is one of the left over five by six inch pieces. So although I was trying to not spend anything more to create these small mosaics I have to spring for some more molding to customize frames for the smaller than standard sizes after all. I never learn!

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