August 2, 2013

A Lady, a Persian Carpet, and a Little White Cat

Since I am on the theme of people and animals in my drawing, I decided to add a small white cat to the bottom of edge of the pencil on paper rendering of a Haitian woman seated amongst patterned fabric. The cat is curled up in such a way that his rounded form looks to me like a dollop of cream that fell from the white cloth. But in reality cats do have a habit of configuring themselves aesthetically to blend with their surrounding shapes. Perhaps this is a means of camouflaging themselves while sleeping.

In order to create a strongly patterned design in the carpet for this drawing, I studied the fabric and carpet designs found in Persian miniatures. I combined the border design in one with the interior forms in another. The plethora of details in these patterns slowed my progress towards completion but it made for a rich design.

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