August 27, 2013

Iconic Princess Blows a Mandala Bubble

The ten small mosaics are finished. Yesterday was grouting and cleaning day. I used plain white sanded grout to which I could customize to each mosaic by adding acrylic colorants and sometimes mica for an iridescent look.

Today I photographed the collection for posting and cataloguing, finding that I’ve surpassed the 2200 mark of items in my archive - another milestone.

In the piece posted above, I assembled objects not knowing what theme I was really working towards. I was just juxtaposing like colors and patterns. A peculiar image emerged. I’m calling it “Princess Blows a Mandala Bubble.” It has a little bit of an iconic look, or perhaps she is a piece of Russian Folk Art. The center face is a small relief tile that I had pit fired. The glaze on the piece delaminated so I sanded the whole thing down and painted it. ( As I did three other tiles inserted into other small mosaics.) The hair is metal composition leaf which gives the piece that reliquary look and the large eye looks distinctly archaic. This is very much a salvaged recycled piece. The background blue is made from an antique blue glass bowl that broke. The large mandala was a button with a piece chipped out of it. I chipped three more pieces out of the button to make it symmetrical and added glass beads in the curved chips. There is an abundance of glass beads that I had happened upon earlier at a construction site. Other pieces, like the silver leaf and the blue smalti, were expensive additions - hard to get away from pricey glitz when doing small mosaic gems.

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