July 3, 2013

A Man from Yesteryear Sleeps Among Today's Textiles

For another one of my newly completed detailed pencil drawings, I chose a study of a seated man. Like many of my previous drawings, this one was begun about two decades ago. But it only seems complete now that it has been filled out and refined. After fleshing out the tones in the body of the seated figure, I completely did over the background. In keeping with my other drawings in this fastidious style, I made use of repeating geometric and textural patterns, eliminating some details from the original sketch and adding others. The plant and the footed bowl remained from the sketch, but the plant was stylized and refined so that the stems, flowers, and leaves looked like Shiva’s dancing arms.

I carried this sinuous pattern through the composition by adding long tassels ending in leaves to the drapery on the table. Another imaginary detail I added was the five part hanging weaving on the wall. It took three days to complete this, but slowly it got done.

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