July 29, 2013

The Lavender and Blue Bull

I never saw a purple cow
I never hope to see one
But I can tell you anyhow
I would rather see than be one
-Childrens’ rhyme

For the last few days I have been refinishing sketches of cows and bulls. I started out with my

usual grey and black pastel drawings but two sources of inspiration made me start thinking of color again. One was the film “Desert of Forbidden Art,” which told the incredible story of one man’s effort to save the art of the Russian Avante Garde as well as the folk art of Uzbekistan. There was a beautiful painting in his collection of a charging white bull with one white horn and one multicolored horn that looked like it was bejeweled. My other source of inspiration came from my flowering Rose of Sharon bush which I had propagated only last year from a cutting. The flowers of the Rose of Sharon were stunning - a soft violet blue bud that opened into a delicate pink violet flower with red spots. These violets and blues were the colors that I incorporated into my fanciful drawing of a bull - even his head abstracted to a solid lump of dark indigo like a ripening blackberry.

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