June 26, 2013

Getting Back to Slow Details

It is fun to work quickly in charcoal and pastel - the results are so spontaneous and immediate. By contrast, my pencil works often take days to complete. But I do find the latter quiet, calming and meditative. The pencil drawing above is a completion of a sketch of a model dressed in a satin and lace neglige. The sketch was the basis for a painting that is now in the Mark Coplan collection, which I believe is with his sister in New York. In the painting the model was dressed in pink and white with turquoise blue slippers. A blue cat and a pink cat rested at her feet. The drapery was gold and red. This painting was certainly a feast of colors. I recall Mark Coplan honoring this colorful painting under good track lighting in his dining room. It looked almost like an icon there.

When recalling the painting of this subject, I find now that I like the black and white drawing better. It captures more of the sitter’s personality - even many years removed from my observation of her. The details in the patterns of the fabrics are much crisper and cleaner in this linear style. The cats have been removed, or rather, not added because they were never there in the first place. But I did include an elaborately decorated wall clock .

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