December 21, 2013

Spiritual Resonance in a Small Green Bottle

Every now and then while I’m painting, my in-house critic makes his favorite picks. For reasons that I’m not certain of, he chose the small painting of a green bottle as his best pick of this run of paintings of small bottles. Was it the color? The form? Or was it because this one was different from the rest? The others have the words printed on the bottle form. In this case I printed the words on the neck of the vessel, leaving the body free to make whimsical swirls of design. Perhaps he picked this one out for that difference.

It was good to shake the forms up slightly by a different placement of the stamped words. In this case I happened to have a carving of the ancient zhuan words for “spiritual resonance,” a line taken from one of the six principles of Chinese painting, carved onto a long thin rock. I used this because the words could apply to much more than just painting or even art in general. They were nice words to live by - almost like the maxim to follow one’s joy.

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