December 5, 2013

Salacious Poetry in the Book of Cats

Yesterday I finished my last illustration for my no longer “small” book, “The Small Book of Marvelous Cats.” This last illustration was for a short verse that began as a scatological bit of doggerel that I wrote on a short trip to North Carolina. The short poem was somewhat problematic for me. Although I liked the pun for “Fornicat” the verse may be too heavily weighted on the salacious side to include. So I came up with a discreet illustration and a more Victorian sounding poem to match it. But I will include, for readers’ curiosity the original poem and the tamer version. I hope that the second version, however, is more reader friendly. But I still have a secret preference for the former. I no longer get comments on this blog but it anyone would like to name their preferred version of poem for this illustration then I would be grateful for the input.


Fornicat wears a salacious grin

on account of where he’s been

Other Toms say he isn’t fussy

But he does prefer his Persian Pussy

Revised Version

Lover Cat

Lover Cat wears a contented smile

He’s been with his favorite Puss for a while

Cavorting among flowers in the month of May

And in a room to themselves in a country chalet

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