June 5, 2013

An Unexpected Bounty of Beads

A good friend of mine used to call herself and me the dumpster diving divas. You never know what treasures might be found there and nothing quite compares to getting something for nothing. My latest find was from a dumpster at a construction site in Charleston. There, on the edge of the dumpster, was a box full of buttons and beads. A number of beads had fallen to the ground but I was determined to acquire them anyway. A kindly construction worker helped me pick the beads out of the mud and put them back into the plastic box they had fallen from. I was glad to have the help because my gimpy legs were giving out - I can’t squat like I used to.

We took the muddy beads and case back to Orangeburg where I washed and rinsed the beads and laid them out to dry. I washed the box out as well and let that dry. Then I sorted the beads into some semblance of order and put the whole thing in my utility room for some time in the future when I might use them. That time came sooner than later for the very next day I was toying with a small two hole ocarina trying to see if I could drill out a third functioning sound hole. The hole was clean and round but without sound. I resorted to my usual fallback measure when that happens and drilled out the hole just large enough to inlay one of the glass beads from my dumpster treasure box. The color and decoration seemed just right.

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