December 15, 2012

The Faith Healer

Generally if weird things emanate from my body I would prefer that they do so in the privacy of my home. Typically that was the case when I was too sick to venture out much. But with increasing stamina and a more aggressive search for answers the world is now blessed with my quivering presence on an ever increasing level. This also unfortunately increases the chances of going spastic in a public place. This happened just over a week ago in an office waiting area. But this time an unusual thing happened. A self-proclaimed faith healer happened to be in the office and generously offered me her services on the spot. Willing to try anything I agreed. I don’t recall a word of what she said but the hand holding and chanting was amazingly comforting and I came to refreshed instead of washed out -although my muscles were pretty sore the next day.

There is so much about prayers that I don’t understand. But what I do believe in is the power of the person from whom that pure feeling comes from. After thinking about the faith healer who obviously believed in her ability to channel a higher power, I decided to honor her and her dose of pure compassion in one of my drawings. I had an old sketch of a monk that I made in Europe long ago that I refreshed with graphite and embellished with the healer’s hands. Most of what I produce now are such amalgams - the memory of the past blended with the experience of the present.

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