December 3, 2012

Bouncer Cat

Bouncer Cat

When a guest becomes a bore
Bouncer Cat shows him the door
Your home will never host a slob
When Bouncer Cat is on the job

Everyone has annoyances in their lives that they just wish would be taken away. This goes double for people with illnesses that cause chronic debility and/or pain. I created Bouncer Cat for my small book of verse The Small Long Book of Marvelous Cats in response to such problems as; bureaucrats that make me fill in forms not once but three times - or until it is to their liking; office workers that lose records; the occasional sultry and uncooperative medical personnel. Or perhaps I Conjured up Bouncer Cat to throw an awful illness out the door.

But these are things that will always be here, I’m afraid. And the only thing that can be thrown out the door is my response to them. So I’ve been learning to through away distress at the paperwork that never seems to be finished and the diagnosis that never is fully agreed upon. And again I pace myself. Even if it means filling in forms one or two pages a day and telling people when I have to get off the phone to rest.

On a happier note, we had a great trip to Jeri Burdick’s studio sale over the weekend. The ceramic and paintings are always a joy to see - even if I had to spend half the time lying on the couch. But the day was topped off by a wonderful gift - a highly prized hand made pit fired shark’s tooth.

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