December 14, 2012

New Life for Old Works

For now, I won’t post anymore illustrations from the Small Long Book of Marvelous Cats. You’ll have to buy the book, that is, if I can find a publisher. I might just self publish and skip the tedium of sending out and getting back.

Instead, here is a three-dimensional cat that I created some years ago with hand-molded relief tiles and a mosaic background. It is on display at the Five Rivers Market in Orangeburg, along with a small gathering of other works. I had originally created this cat for the South Carolina Birds Show (he has a bird in his belly). He was not one of the selected works for that show so he stayed in storage all these years. Although an older work, I suppose you could say that he is new to the public. Check him out, and all the rest at the Five Rivers Market on Chestnut Street (the main drag) in Orangeburg. The work will be there until March 1, 2013. Many thanks to Julia Wolfe and Tine Culler for hanging this display for me.

The Five Rivers Market is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10AM to 6PM. They will be open this Monday for Christmas shoppers.

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