November 27, 2012

Massage Cat

Handicapped Person’s Tip of the Day:

Should you be required to have a spinal tap, the medical staff will have you rest flat on your back in recovery for one half hour in order to avoid getting a low spinal fluid pressure headache. If, however, you are prone to headaches - especially migraine - better make lying flat and drinking caffeine most of the next day your priority.  But best to hope that you won't need the procedure at all.  But if you do, the procedure itself is quite okay and nothing to fear.
Picking up on the last line of verse from the Small Long Book of Marvelous Cats and the reference to aching bones, I introduce cat number two: Massage Cat. His image is above. Note the accouterments of his trade. His verse goes like this:

Whether your sport is football or dressage
Your aching muscles will need a massage
Massage cat does as he is bidden
While carefully keeping his sharp claws hidden

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