November 23, 2012

Cats Marvelous Cats

Handicapped Tip of the Day: When shopping, be sure to get a handicapped cart that has been plugged in and charged. Otherwise you may find yourself stranded in the middle of the store in a dead mobile full of groceries.

That is just one of the myriad challenges I’ve been facing during the past year as I deal with a body gone haywire and a brain not fully what it used to be. Fortunately, although my professional career is most likely over - at least until I and my limited abilities can perhaps find a new place in the world - I continue to produce art work. The slow pace of my production and my lack of mobility has changed my art work considerably. For one thing I rely much more on imagination. The drawings I do are no longer made with the market in mind but rather just to be a creative human being expressing herself. I find that at times I become more attracted to pattern and detail and I will post more examples of these.

Thanksgiving was quiet but good. I was able to do a few things during the day and even make a mince pie. So I’m thankful for what I can still do, and grateful that I have friends and a good husband.

I’ve taken to making small pencil illustrations for books of poetry. The complex poetry I illustrated was written well before I got sick. The present ones are short, humorous verses. Finding myself getting into a funk one day thinking about all the physical things that once used to be easy and enjoyable but now cause great strain, I came up with a book of “useful” cats who would do all the chores while I rested. I call the book the Small Long Book of Marvelous Cats. The first cat is illustrated above.  Garden Cultivator Cat does all the yard work and his verse goes like this:
Set him loose in your back yard

and Garden Cat works long and hard

raking, weeding, seeding, feeding

Your old bones won’t take the beating

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