November 2, 2012

Big Cat in New Jersey

Having a rich, artistic imagination is one way to fend off a protracted debilitating illness. During my convalescence I invented imaginary “helpers” who could do all the things that I no longer had the strength to do. My latest creation in that vein is a small book of illustrated verse called “The Small Long Book of Marvelous Cats.” Even the notion of cats being useful is somewhat amusing. The book is full of cats that do the yard work, the house work, entertain, and even give massage therapy. One of the cats, Guardian Cat, was originally created as a protector of home and property. Today I revised the verse for this cat to honor governor Christie and New Jersey in their dark and cold hours of need. The cat is pictured above. The verse for the day is as follows:
Guardian Cat puffs out his furry mane
Opening wide his watchful eyes
Not for selfishness or political gain
But to protect his Jersey gals and guys

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