September 4, 2013

Illuminated Dwarf

Now I am becoming a painter once again. The second in my series of Chinese paper cut collage works looks less like a folk art piece and more like a Francis Bacon. A joyful paper cut of a girl holding a lantern became a mysterious dwarf illuminated on a city street at night. I dispensed with the linear quality that I had become accustomed to by so much drawing and boldly splashed on paint with brushes and fingers. The textural marks which I like to think of as remnants of printed matter on the side of buildings was made with a linoleum stamp.

September has launched the season of paintings. After I finish my acrylic on paper series, I will be switching to oils, God and health willing. But at the same time I’ll be slowly preparing pieces of pottery for an October or November pit firing. But more of that later.

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