February 22, 2013

Sticky Love

Most of my recent blog entries have been about older works of art and newly composed drawings from old sketches. I have, however, been making new works as well. These are still completions because they are illustrations for my books of poetry. This year, I completed all the illustrations for my poetry chap book manuscript, My Women, My Monsters. One of these poems and the accompanying illustration are in keeping with my February theme on hearts and love. Bear in mind that this is an excerpt from the monster lady book so the poem explores the darker side of love, namely, obsessive, clinging love. The poem is “Sticky Princess” and the illustration aptly has a veritable plethora of reaching, clinging, grasping hands. Disgusting! My next entry will have to be an antidote to this one.

Sticky Princess

She knows no boundaries
holding sway over all in her dominion
Bound to them and them to her
The Princess of attachments
saunters forward
her skin glistening with adhesive slime
that sticks to all she moves upon

A syrup issues from her breasts
oozing with sap-like viscosity
from the swaying pendulous forms
bloated like the udders of a cow
She encourages the young to suckle there
Glued fast, they never leave
and she never lets them go

She knows to move slowly
edging closely to her peers
Heedless to encroachment
they are unprepared for the moment
that she slides against their being
sealing them to her sides
so that they can never walk away

The Princess of Attachments
generously imparts her troubles
conniving to unearth the woes of others
Exchanging ties like laces intertwined
We are are bonded now”
she lisps in atonal breathlessness
as she tightens a convoluted knot
in a kerchief in their mouths
so they can never give a cry

Her tree toady fingers
caress a dewy face
leaving round pock marks
from the moist suction of her hands
taking, bonding, absorbing
into one within her flesh

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