February 23, 2013

Tiny Hidden Hearts

I could not resist hiding a few small hearts in this recently finished drawing so that I could feature it in my February posts. They aren’t immediately obvious. There is one in the enigmatic statue of the man with a derby hat. The others are in the quilted design on the couch pillow which I took from an actual quilt we have.

Every detail of this drawing was fun to do. The peculiar painted wooden statue was an actual sculpture owned by the person who sat for me. I liked the sculpture because he was amusing with his pin-striped suit, his beckoning hand, and the snappy hat. I may have added the dachshund on the man’s lap. There was an amorphous form there that looked dog-like so I just went with that.

The mirror in the background was an invention. The reflections in the mirror are the back of the model’s head and the object she is looking at - an imaginary painting of a snake. The snake is there to celebrate the Chinese New Year. If I were not lazy about it I would have looked up the animal for the Chinese Year that I had started this drawing and included that as well. But I suppose it has quite enough details.

The composition of this drawing is actually a bit larger. What is seen here is simply the portion that would fit on my scanner.

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