February 19, 2009

Rusted Door to an Abandoned Courtyard

I finally finished the last painting for my show, "Abandonment and Rediscovery: The Vanishing Architecture of Central South Carolina." The show will be hung this Saturday, February 21, and I am hoping that by then the touch up paint for the side of the painting will be dry . I have used a "gallery wrap" instead of framing for this larger work. The wrap around design adds some three-dimensionality to the painting. It almost becomes an art object - a painting package. Saving money on a heavy duty frame for this size, 30" x 40" doesn’t hurt, either.

The subject matter in this painting, like the previous one, is from the small town of Blackville, South Carolina. The scene depicts a rusted doorway in an abandoned courtyard adjacent to the Shamrock hotel. My painting technique was to use flat planes of color troweled on with a small palette knife. Details and textures were scratched through or applied with more knife strokes. Impatient with that after a number of days spent working on this canvas, I finally finger-painted in the rest.

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