February 10, 2009

Road Trip to the Finish Line

As my work for my upcoming two-person show continues, the painted canvases and panels lining up around my makeshift studio once again are evocative of the road trip mentioned in my previous blog. I’ve been taking literal road trips in order to record the ramshackle structures along highways 78 and 301. Preparations for my exhibition, "Abandonment and Rediscovery: The Vanishing Architecture of Central South Carolina," has become increasingly engaging as the weeks roll by. I am joined in this effort by my husband, Nat Wallace, who will be exhibiting his photography from the sites we’ve explored, and we are fortunate in having Walter Linigar perform his Blues Harmonica for the opening celebration and catering from Miller’s Bread Basket. Our little project is now backed by the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor, The South Carolina Humanities Council, and the Orangeburg County Fine Arts Center.
The painting on panel pictured above is from the small town of Blackville. The day was overcast - which was good for seeing small details within subtle shadows. The best painting and photography happens for us with the filtered lighting of a rainy day. What I liked about this particular edifice was the triangular dormer and the windows set askew from settling. There are so many peculiar angles on these houses I sometimes wonder if they were purposely put together that way.
I’m still in the midst of painting a larger canvas as e-invitations have been sent and post cards on their way. I suppose it is in my nature to work up to the last minute although I try not to. It is the last week I can paint for this exhibition without the risk of hanging wet canvases so I’ll have to wrap things up. February 28, the opening won’t be that long in coming.

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