October 28, 2007

Pogo and People

The Edisto clean-up continued, with the director of the Parks Commission, a vista volunteer, two volunteers from Friends of the Edisto, and an employee of the Parks Commission, all pitching in. The Parks Commission provided a truck, bags, gloves, water and snacks. What we had not planned for was the annual homecoming parade, which, I'm certain prevented late comers from also contributing, but did add inspirational music to our clean-up.

Evidence of the marauding possums and apathetic humans abounded in the litter but we cleared most of it from one side of the bank. I must admit that there is a fascinating irony in this for me. For the only two mammals possessing hands with opposable thumbs are possums and people. So our park was desecrated by the big hands of big brained mammals throwing out refuse to be retrieved by the little hands of the little brained mammals. Interesting symbiotic relationship, right?
It was cold and wet that day, but the comaraderie and a job well done gave me a warm sense of satisfaction. We'll go back for the other side of the river but it will be on to other writing for this blogger.

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