October 22, 2007

No Man of Woman Born

The meeting of the Parks and Recreation Department and Friends of the Edisto River is becoming civic action as I write. The first community clean up of the Edisto will take place this Saturday, October 27 at 8:30 AM. We will meet at the lower parking lot at Edisto Memorial Park. The invitation to beautify the riverbanks and learn about recycling is open to everyone. Equipment will be provided by the Department of Parks and Recreation.
Putting together the observations and analysis of four minds, I've come to some conclusions about the mystery of garbage underneath the boardwalk at the very site of a refuse receptical. As I mentioned in my first environmental blog, it seemed odd that someone would rebuke the garbage can in favor of jumping off the boardwalk to stash their trash underneath, then go to the trouble of having to uncomfortably hoist themselves back up. It just didn't suit the human paradigm of maximum gain for minimal effort, let alone the modus operandi of a lazy litterer. And that's where the rub is, because it now appears entirely possible that no man of woman born is responsible for the crime at this juncture. Because at the meeting, one report told of garbage collectors who saw little trash to collect in the receptical, but did notice a line of possums sitting at the edge of the boardwalk. Possums staring up at them with their beady little possum eyes and their spiky-toothed possum grins. Could it be then, that possums got the better of us? Raiding garbage cans for late night snacks, then stashing the evidence of their crimes in their lair beneath the boardwalk? And imagine the awful irony of Sunday picnics on the boardwalk with a simultaneous possum picnic happening right there underneath human feet.
Time to possum proof the trash cans.

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