August 7, 2007

Welcome to My Blog

I am entering the blog world with the help of a blog savvy friend, Harriett Hilton. This is an exciting new venture and I hope that readers will find my blog informative, entertaining and enlightening. Or at the very least that I'm here and willing to share.

But now that I'm here....what to blog about? For a start I would like to share with readers three ongoing projects; my archive, making new works from old materials, and my China Book. My archive is an ambitious project to catalogue my life's work (well over a thousand pieces), making new works from old materials is my way of using up the accumulation of materials in my studio while avoiding new purchases (going on successfully for three years ) and my China Book is my memoirs of a very special time in my life when I lived in China and trained as a Chinese Artist at the Beijing Central Art Academy and with various masters.

People tell me that I'm entertaining. I would rather be wise, but for the purpose of blogging perhaps entertaining is better.


harriett said...

Yes, Janet, entertaining you are! as well as an incredibly gifted artist!

Ebb Tide said...

Found your new blog at Harriett's site. We are blog-mates. Welcome to the blog world! I will be following your blog in the future. I am interested in your China Book. I am not a Chinese but as an Asian, I am interested in those kind of stuff. I started my art blog last Jan, (2007) and I loved it. You are invited to view my site at: