August 19, 2007

More Drawings on Near Eastern Themes

I will be posting something from my notebooks, current work, or archive every Sunday so check back every week!
There is something captivating about artist’s books, especially those that document journeys. The books that I am in the process of culling from document journeys both and hysical and incorporeal. Spanning three decades and several countries, the books are my direct impressions of what have moved me and what I aspired to. The drawings shown here are more of my interpretations of Indian and Persian drawings. People familiar with my densely pigmented oil paintings with the heavy impasto or my assemblages of ceramic, galss and rock will no doubt be surprised to see these. It has been a joy this week to rediscover those sinuous lines annd to become lost in the process of rendering detail and subtle gradations of tone.
The details in these works are invented, observed, or adapted. The monkey looking sideways was not a part of any near eastern rendering but an actual monkey I observed in a zoo in Konstanz, Germany.

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