August 23, 2016

The Book of Marvelous Cats is Launched

The work on my book You Look Great! Making Invisible Disease Visible: Drawing Out Ehlers-Danlos has slowed in recent weeks due to the need to proof my publication of a light-hearted book of rhymes for the cat, The Book of Marvelous Cats. It is a little odd to be working on something so strange and sad in tandem with a small humor book. I suppose that balance is a good thing, though. The first book requires nitpicking research, reading patient testimonies, and organizing information. It appeals to the scientist in me (Yes, I did study science in college before switching to art, and later to Chinese). The second book, the rhymes for the cat, only requires imagination and a sense of the ridiculous. The only thing that the books do share is my detailed pencil illustrations.

The Book of Marvelous Cats is now available to the public and today I celebrate that.
The book is available now on Lulu.  It should be available through Amazon in about six weeks!

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