March 13, 2016

Getting Organized and Refreshed

My remade, resurfaced ocarinas and ideophones complete, I set myself to the chore of updating my archive.  Every time I get behind on updating my archive and it becomes too time consuming, I wonder why I allowed myself to be talked in to creating this digital library of my work.  But when it is complete and I can set about making new work I find myself grateful to the person who suggested the ultra-organized museum catalogue.  Despite that, I do sometimes forego processing things like small beads and such.  I do have my limits.
Keeping things in order does take time away from my preferred work, but having an image, a measurement and a date for everything at my fingertips sometimes grants a return on that time.  It is good not to have to hunt something up when a gallery or client wants to see it.  And it makes my online shop much easier to manage.

When my archive is updated, I get a very satisfied feeling of things being neat and clean - the feeling I get when the bed is changed with fresh sheets that I slide between after showering off the dirt of the day.  Keeping things up is indeed a challenge though, and best done steadily in small increments rather than all at once.  My recent experience with waiting too long to organize reminded me that virtual clutter can be just as demoralizing as the material form. 
To celebrate the updated order, I’m posting the last before and after photographs of my remade ocarinas.  Easter will soon be upon us and these things look rather egg-like after all, with their natural smoke based swirls and speckles.

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