February 15, 2016

Bugle Taps for the Demise of a Ceramic Horse

In my last post, I related the tale of the difficulties I was having finishing two ceramic sculptures of horses.  Sadly, one of those broke a leg once again and had to be “put down.”  I have posted a picture of the sculpture once again in his intact state and in his deconstructed melt down. Not wanting to repair the broken leg once again I knocked the sculpture apart, soaked it in water, then wedged the clay back into a solid lump, ready to be used again at a later date.
The sculpture that did not break yet was decorated with a terra sigillata surface, burnished and put into the kiln.  Today marks the bisque firing.  Since I’ve been having difficulties with sculpture lately, I’m trying not to keep hopes too high that there is not some fault line or trapped air bubble waiting for the heat of the kiln to explode it.  Pretty thing, though, and a pity if he breaks as well.

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