August 16, 2014

Big Woman with Black Gloves and Old Lace

One thing that has always been fun to do is create Treasury Lists on Etsy. These are promotional on-line exhibitions of a maximum of sixteen items chosen from their storehouse of online shops. The exhibitions consist of twelve to sixteen squares of images based upon a theme. They can be as creative as one chooses. For my own Treasuries I try to make story lines or paired items that appear interactive in a counterpoint relationship. One example of the latter is my exhibition Gloves and Old Lace. For this I chose both modern well-crafted wearable art gloves as well as vintage gloves and paired them with antique or vintage lace objects that had similar textures, colors and patterns. The result was a succession of gloves that appeared to be reaching for matching texture. This has been how I make an ordinary thing come alive.

I was so inspired by the gloves and lace objects that I found in other artist’s shops that I started “dressing up” figurative drawings that I was working on so that they were wearing such objects. It was almost like dressing paper dolls, and evoked pleasant memories of youth. The drawing above was original a study of a large big boned woman. Now dressed in her lace and gloves, she has taken on a more svelte look. To see the exhibition that inspired this follow the link: Or if this link isn't live go to kozachekart on Etsy, cursor down to "Treasuries" and have a gander.

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