February 12, 2014

To Cancel or Not to Cancel On Account of Ice?

To cancel or not to cancel? That was the question before us yesterday morning, the day of the opening of my art exhibition at the Orangeburg County Fine Arts Center. Announcements had been made, fliers sent out and the evening before the opening reminders had been sent. After considering the late time and consulting the weather reports we decided that the show would go on as planned. The ice storm was not really due to hit until the following morning and I was casting my hopes and favors upon people who would brave unpleasant cold and wet weather, albeit not yet dangerous, to attend my opening.

Knowing that very few people would be likely to attend, I cut the amount of refreshments to be served in half, cancelled a hair appointment, swallowed my expectations and went to my opening. All in all there were about fourteen people in attendance, including staff. Most people were reluctant to come from out of town, or were busy preparing for the oncoming storm.

I found out among my friends who prepared the best and the earliest for the oncoming weather debacles. Only the confidently prepared ventured out on the night before this storm.

The preparedness bug hit me the day of the ice storm. The compunction to prepare up to the last minute was strong Loads of laundry done, candles brought out, firewood collected. The last was quite a challenge because my logs and kindling had not been covered the night before and as such were thickly coated with ice. I chipped as much as I could off of them and brought them inside like a litter of lost freezing puppies. Putting them on sheets of plastic I waited for the ice to melt then sopped up the mess. This probably was not worth the effort but time will tell.

In the mean time, my friend and mentor, Lee Malerich, posted a charming blog about my current exhibition along with interesting conclusions about what seems to me to be almost mystic origins about my paintings. Here is the link.http://leemalerich.wordpress.com/

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