April 4, 2013

Entry Number 2100

I was on the phone with the archive librarian at the National Museum of Women in the Arts talking about my digital archive and catalogue of my work. My intention was to put the whole thing on a jump drive and send it to them. At the time the entries stood at well over 2000, but having a passion for even numbers, I told the librarian that I had 2100 entries in the catalogue.
It took some weeks after that phone call to finish entry number 2100 but I did and the catalogue has been sent off to Washington DC.

Entry number 2100 is pictured to the right. It is a completed drawing of a sketch made from a life study of a young girl in an interior with two dogs. The sketch was the basis for the painting and the poem “The Yellow Dog,” finished in 2008. The drawing is 9" x 12,” larger than the original 9" x 9" sketch and painting. This time, instead of adding more details in the extra space, I kept the background somewhat spare, which, I think, serves to emphasize the smallness of the young girl. The details on the rug is an alteration of an Asian pattern. I added a small arc between the arms of the tiny sculpture on the floor behind the rug which can be interpreted as a serpent held up above the figure’s head - an allusion to the sketch having begun in the year of the snake and to archaic goddesses who hold up snakes.

Despite my goal of having an official life’s work catalogue and archive of 2100 works of art, I’m still continuing to make drawings and ceramic sculpture these days. If I get to 2200, I’ll just make a new jump drive and send that off to DC to replace the old one.

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